Highlights of 2017

So 2017 has come to a close, and marks the end of my second year shooting with bloggers. I really found my groove at the start of the year, however in the middle of the year things became tricky as I didn’t have a camera for a while, and had to adjust to using a (rather crappy) replacement. That being said, I think I have made some good progress this year, and look forward to seeing where my photography takes me in 2018! 

To wrap up the year, I’ve put together a selection of my favourite images from 2017…

1) January 2017

One of my first shoots of the year, and this portrait of Radhika is still one of my favourites as I think the angle gives it a really nice high-fashion feel, something I’d like to explore more in 2018. I also loved the rich tones of Radhika’s tunic, as well as her glamorous curls!

View the full set of images here.

2) February 2017

Another portrait, another favourite. These are fast becoming some of my favourite images to shoot, over full body shots. I adored the lighting from this shoot as I think it gives a really warm feel, despite the fact that this photo was taken in the depths of winter!

View the full set of images here.

3. March 2017

I loved the complementary hues of blue in the background and Radhika’s trench coat, and I also really liked the natural, candid feel of this image.

View the full set of images here.

4. March 2017

I love the sassy vibes of this image of Emmie, as it was something completely different from the work I do with Radhika. It was really fun to shoot in a new style of location too!

View the full set of images here.

5. March 2017

Another one from March, and what’s not to love about a pink wall? I love the way this image came out and the minimalist feel the coloured background gives. 

View the full set of images here.

6. April 2017

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this shoot overall (I think it was the first I did with the Lumix G3 and I felt that the white balance was really off), I still really like this hair-flick photo. I love the movement it captures, and I think Radhika’s beautiful hairband really brings the look together. 

View the full set of images here.

7. May 2017

Another shoot in front of this fab blue door, this time to complement Radhika’s bright blue bag and blazer. I loved quite a few images from this shoot, but this one I particularly like because of the movement the swinging handbag gives to the image.

View the full set of images here.

8. July 2017

This one was shot in my hometown of Market Harborough, and the gorgeous flowers in the Memorial Gardens worked so well with Radhika’s ruffled dress. I particularly love the framing the flowers give to the image, and I think Radhika’s pose is really natural and pretty!

View the full set of images here.

9. August 2017

My final favourite is one from our last day of shooting together in 2017 . I absolutely loved the colours of the flowers, and how it complemented Radhika’s outfit and bag. Her posing really makes this image look glamorous! 

View the full set of images here.

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