Two Years of Progress!

I posted a blog post like this last year and I thought it would be fun to post an updated one seeing as we’ve hit the two year mark of me shooting fashion imagery! 

September 2016

This was my first ever couple of shoots, with Radhika Recommends on a trip away to York. Although I feel like my work has improved a ton since, I was so happy with the images at the time, and it inspired my love of photographing people today! 

September 2017

Fast forward a year and I felt like my images had come on a long way. I was still only really working with Radhika at that time, but throughout that year we both improved as photographer and model. 

September 2018

This was my first legit year ‘in business’, and also saw an upgrade to my first full frame DSLR from a Micro Four Thirds camera. I began to get more experience shooting with different subjects, and I’m really happy with the work I’m producing!

What about next year?

In 2019, I would like to work on posing and directing models. I’d like to improve my composition and productivity, as well as switch out my kit for something I feel more comfortable with. I’d also love to branch out more into commercial and wedding photography too! 

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