Frequently Asked Questions

What camera do you use?

I own a full frame Canon 6D camera, as well as a 50mm lens which is perfect for portraiture. I am also able to hire any additional bodies and lenses, so I can be sure I have the exact kit for your needs. In addition to that, I also have a range of additional items such as a flash system, and spare batteries and memory cards. 


Why do you ask for a Booking Fee?

  I ask for a small non-refundable Booking Fee to secure your date and time. This goes towards your Total Session Cost. Nothing is finalised until the Booking Fee has been paid. Only on receipt of the Booking Fee will I schedule your session in my calendar. 

How does payment work?

I accept payments under £50 via the KM Photographic online store (I will send you a custom link when payment is required), which uses PayPal. Balances over £50 are due via Cash (final fee only) or Bank Transfer. The Booking Fee is due at the time of booking (see above) and the Final Fee is due straight after the shoot. Receipt of the Final Fee commences the editing process.


Can I reschedule?

Yes, you can make amendments up until 72 hours of your session without losing your Booking Fee. After that time, you will lose the Booking Fee as it will be unlikely that I can fill your spot with a paying client at short notice. It is advisable that you let me know ASAP about any amendments as everything is dependent on my schedule (although I will do my best to accommodate!).

What happens if the weather is bad?

If bad weather conditions mean we cannot shoot during our scheduled session, you may re-schedule without loss of your Booking Fee. The same also applies if I am unable to attend our shoot due to illness etc.

What happens if I'm ill on the day?

If you are sick on the day of shooting or can not attend for any other reason, please let me know ASAP so I don't make a wasted trip! As I will not be able to book a new client for your scheduled date/time, and may have already spent money on travelling to the location, your Booking Fee is forefitted.

I'm going to be late, what do I do?

If you think you're going to be late, please let me know ASAP! We can still go ahead with the shoot with the time left, but you will have to pay to make up the missed time if you wish to get the full duration. This is all dependent on my schedule, but I will do my best to accommodate.


Can I edit the images myself?

Unfortunately I am not able to give clients unedited images. KM Photographic prides itself on delivering a high quality product, and having clients edit images themselves may have a negative impact on potential new clients. Adding 'filters' over the top of my edited images is also not permitted.

I love all the images! Can I purchase extra edits?

Of course! Extra images are available at a rate of £5 each for Portrait/Blogger clients. During the Proofing process just let me know how many extras you would like to add and I will amend your invoice with the new total. Please bare in mind that extra images will take extra time and is dependent on my schedule. 

I don't like the way I look in any of the images, can we reshoot?

I do my very best to ensure we discuss any insecurities you might have and that there are plenty of opportunities for you to preview the images and amend any poses during the shoot. If you are not happy with the images during the Proofing process, you may book a reshoot which requires a new Booking Fee to be paid. 

I don't like the final images, can I have a refund?

As mentioned above, there will be numerous opportunities to view the images during the shoot and correct any unflattering poses. Paying the Final Fee and selecting your final images for editing is confirmation that you are happy with the images so far. If you are not happy with the editing style in your Final Images, I can offer ONE free re-edit. A refund will not be available as at this point I will have put in numerous hours of work to ensure your images are delivered on time.

What level of retouching is included?

Basic editing for Blogger and Portrait Sessions includes brightening, cropping, colour correction etc. I also remove temporary blemishes in close-up shots if you wish. Professional level retouching (AKA skin smoothing, airbrushing etc.) is available on request at a rate of £20/hour.

Can you "Photoshop" my body?

Unfortunately this is not something I offer as I think we should celebrate natural beauty and body confidence.

Can you edit out makeup/fake tan mistakes, bra straps etc?

Clients are advised to carefully consider the makeup used, and underwear worn. It's probably not the best idea to test out a new fake tan before a shoot! Mistakes happen (we've all been there!), and I can do my best to correct these in post-processing at a rate of £20/hour.

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